Welcome to Conscious Connections Psychology Group! We are a team of mental health clinicians who are dedicated to treating the whole person, body mind and spirit, using time tested analytical techniques, cutting edge research and most importantly, our hearts! As a group, we have special training in depth psychology, sand tray therapy, eco-therapy, art therapy, dream analysis and perinatal mental health. With regard to cultural diversity, we have awareness and training in ethnical, racial, spiritual, gender, and sexual identities and treat people throughout the lifespan, from birth to geriatrics. Please browse through our therapists in the ‘about us’ section to learn more about us. We welcome you to contact anyone of us to answer your questions! We hope to form conscious connections for you or your loved ones soon!

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mind, BODY, spirit

March 14th, 2020|Comments Off on mind, BODY, spirit

Wholeness includes eating whole foods which include carbs. In an age where diet culture has vilified carbohydrates, leaving us victim to fragmented [...]

Inner world

October 9th, 2019|Comments Off on Inner world

“When it comes to realizing that the psyche itself extends far beyond our ego and its conscious knowledge, we are confronted with [...]

Wholeness and shadow work

September 18th, 2019|Comments Off on Wholeness and shadow work

Images speak louder than words! I’m so thankful to #gabriel_isak for this astounding representation of facing one’s shadow! Whether due to individual [...]

Demostration of a mandalynth

August 30th, 2019|Comments Off on Demostration of a mandalynth

Please watch this video for a demonstration and information of a tool we use and recommend to clients for managing anxiety, stress [...]