This photo depicts pretty well when our self care system lets go and allows us to live a bit of life while still watching out nearby!

When we face trauma in the absence of caring supportive others and a home or story for the trauma, a presence both from our personal and the collective conscious steps in and takes away our soul, in order to preserve our inner vital self from further disintegration. In the absence of an external support, an internal super power takes charge. This numinous self protective presence embraces our soul and says “never again”! And that very same process that protects ends up being dark and keeping us in the dark, away from life, by scaring us and what feels like self-criticism and loathing. This inner power levels up when we enter the danger fields; risk, life and connection!

The healing occurs with consciousness of the pain and trauma and understanding and honoring even thanking this defense system. It’s gotten us so far and our soul is still whole, but somewhere else in a space between here and there. With consciousness, the defense’s power is not needed as much and it’s hold on us is modified.. it gradually doesn’t have much work to do and allows some life, like in this photo, the little child is running towards life, and the protectors are on standby.