In the unfortunate dividing aftermath of the women’s march, let’s tune into some wisdom from Carl Jung about gender and humanity. What he is referring to is the Anima archetype in men and the Animus in women:

“You, man, should not seek the feminine in women, but seek and recognize it in your self…You, woman, should not seek the masculine in men, but assume the masculine in your self, since it was there from the beginning. People hate to accept their own other. But if you accept it…the white bird of the soul comes flying….As a man, you have no soul, it is in the woman; as a woman you have no soul since it is in the man. But if you become a human being, then your soul comes to you….You seek the feminine in women and the masculine in men. And thus there are always only men and women. But where are people? If you remain with yourself, as a man or woman who is himself/herself…then you will remember your humanity. You will not behave toward women per se as a man, but as a human being, that is to say, as if you were of the same sex as her…You can hardly say of your soul what sex it is…This is the most difficult thing – to go beyond the gendered and yet remain within the human.”