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Spice It Up

What is your Coronavirus spice combo? Spices are ancient indigenous medicine, and despite what you may have heard, many have been scientifically studied and it’s efficacy proven. Turmeric, saffron, and nigella sativa it black cumin seeds is a regular combo I use in my meals almost daily recently, and as I put it together her [...]

The Light Through the Darkness

We don’t know a whole lot, and there’s a lot of wisdom in that acknowledgement. But we do know that right now things are pretty uncertain and dark. Being in the dark and unknown is an important part of being human, and through that process, knowledge, truth and or creativity will come. But we have [...]

The Power of Nature

Are you finding the beauty and healing of nature during this time? Are you connecting to the divine? I promise you, it moves, heals and connects us to our primary home, Mother Earth. Being present in nature brings us closer to creation and sparks creativity, intuition, soul and spirit in us! Is also reminds us [...]

mind, BODY, spirit

Wholeness includes eating whole foods which include carbs. In an age where diet culture has vilified carbohydrates, leaving us victim to fragmented eating, and deprived of ancient herbs and spices, is in our hands to liberate from diet culture and take back consciousness in eating. What does that mean exactly? 1. Empowering and educating yourself [...]

Call for Evolution of Consciousness

Remember that you are a whole person, with an interior and exterior life. You have an inner world as rich and vast as the outer. And it is through the connection of the inner that gives us wholeness. The inner world is both beautiful and dark. And unknown. And because few take that path, the [...]



Inner world

“When it comes to realizing that the psyche itself extends far beyond our ego and its conscious knowledge, we are confronted with the realization that we live, in part, in an unknown, invisible country” -Barbara Hannah The disconnection from our inner reality and outer reality results in so many conflicts, disorders and suffering. Speak to [...]

Wholeness and shadow work

Images speak louder than words! I’m so thankful to #gabriel_isak for this astounding representation of facing one’s shadow! Whether due to individual trauma or cultural societal messages, people ignore the soul and jump to unconscious perfection, splitting off parts of themselves, valuable golden parts of the self, and create shadows that can haunt and hurt [...]

Demostration of a mandalynth

Please watch this video for a demonstration and information of a tool we use and recommend to clients for managing anxiety, stress and attention. #mandolynth #celticartstore.net #empowerment #mentalhealth #wellness #peace #calm #focus #healthycoping #tools #bilateralstimulation #symbols #patterns #pickyourdesign #choseyourpattern #meditation #consciousconnectionspsychologygroup #shermanoaks #pasadena #ingasimonian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWmxJnxnsb4

Life takes us to unexpected places, love brings us home!

“Life takes us to unexpected places, love brings us home” ~Malissa McClone. Love does amazing things, but what kind of love are we talking about? #selflove is a buzz word that we are seeing everywhere but what does that mean? We definitely have a love instinct towards others, yet our ability to practice that towards ourselves is [...]