1206, 2020

Carl Jung on racism…Black Lives Matter

Racism exists thanks to projection. And Carl Jung explained it perfectly, and that is why something written a hundred years ago applies so well today. Because the solution to the problem of racism is to [...]

405, 2020

Wholeness, Anima and Animus

Did you know that your wholeness involves a conscious relationship with your masculine or feminine energies? If you didn’t, you can thank Westernization. Our Western psyche is not whole, and we have a lot of [...]

3004, 2020

Darkness Is An Opening To The Soul

Every “bad” or dark mood we have is an opening to the unconscious, to the true self, to psychological birth. We may have learned growing up that some emotions are good and some are bad. [...]

2904, 2020

True Self Development

Dr Inga Simonian discussing the necessary elements of birthing the true authentic self while letting go of false selves, which is essentially acting and requires a lot of vital energy, as an important process during [...]

2904, 2020

Spice It Up

What is your Coronavirus spice combo? Spices are ancient indigenous medicine, and despite what you may have heard, many have been scientifically studied and it’s efficacy proven. Turmeric, saffron, and nigella sativa it black cumin [...]

604, 2020

The Light Through the Darkness

We don’t know a whole lot, and there’s a lot of wisdom in that acknowledgement. But we do know that right now things are pretty uncertain and dark. Being in the dark and unknown is [...]

604, 2020

The Power of Nature

Are you finding the beauty and healing of nature during this time? Are you connecting to the divine? I promise you, it moves, heals and connects us to our primary home, Mother Earth. Being present [...]

1403, 2020

mind, BODY, spirit

Wholeness includes eating whole foods which include carbs. In an age where diet culture has vilified carbohydrates, leaving us victim to fragmented eating, and deprived of ancient herbs and spices, is in our hands to [...]

1403, 2020

Call for Evolution of Consciousness

Remember that you are a whole person, with an interior and exterior life. You have an inner world as rich and vast as the outer. And it is through the connection of the inner that [...]