Remember that you are a whole person, with an interior and exterior life. You have an inner world as rich and vast as the outer. And it is through the connection of the inner that gives us wholeness. The inner world is both beautiful and dark. And unknown. And because few take that path, the rest are usually projecting that onto others. And that hurts and even kills others. And we fail to see that we are all one. What happens to one person happens to all people. Not in our consciousness but our psyche, our inner realm. For the oppressed, racism and discrimination on a daily basis are micro-aggressions that lead to so much pain, but during crises and emergencies, it could mean life or death! It’s coming closer to us but war and disease affect so many lives daily. It’s not us verses them, it’s we! This virus is doing a good job of getting our attention! Now what do we need to pay attention to? We need to be conscious! We need to be whole! We need to be one! We need to not be at war with each other! We have greater predators! We can miss this one! But we need to pay close attention to our inner world. Our dreams. Our mythical characters. What is going on in the collective psyche? The collective conscious? What symbolic story is at play? We have so much power if we do this. When we don’t see our wholeness, we only see the outer world and we stop at conspiracy theories. Because “there is no other belief beyond our physical existence. Someone must be responsible for this, and it must be the government”. Who is the governor of our soul? You! And the bridge to the Divine in you is your inner world, your dream material, your path to wholeness. It is not a coincidence that it’s raining so much and will be for a while. While there is chaos and fear, there is also cleansing of our old ways and renewal is upon us. Holy waters cleanse the spirit and we have a chance to be reborn. Like the flood in Noah’s time, a part of us needs to die, and a rebirth is in order. But we must pay attention to the inner way. Or else we panic and project. We are called for evolution of consciousness. 🦋 #depthpsychology #coronavirus #wholeness #evolutionofconsciousness #carljung #love #unity