Racism exists thanks to projection. And Carl Jung explained it perfectly, and that is why something written a hundred years ago applies so well today. Because the solution to the problem of racism is to integrate back our projections. When Carl Jung visited America, he stated that out of all the nations, we are the most psychologically complex. Michael Gellert summarizes Jung’s racism conceptualization excellently: “On an experiential level, fundamental changes must take place within both races before the gulf between them can be really bridged. Each race must confront the “wholly other” within itself before it can reach across the racial divide to the other. Each race must confront its dissociated part and integrate it into itself before it can integrate with the other race into a single society under a common roof. Integration of blacks and whites into a single society is a moral imperative that, in the long run, will make or break American civilization. Integration here implies a psychological and spiritual partnership and not just economic parity…It was to our dissociated parts that Jung was referring when he said, “every [American] Negro has a white complex and every [white] American a Negro complex.” Herein lies one of the mechanisms that make racism the destructive force that it is: when a psychological complex such as one of these takes hold of us, we act it out unknowingly, unconsciously, seeing both others and ourselves in a distorted way through its lens. Jung said that there is nothing fatal about having a complex unless we think we don’t have it…The white complex of the black American is grounded in a very real history of oppression, suffering, and injustice, leading on the one hand to the black’s deep resentment and mistrust of white Americans, and on the other to a profound longing to be accepted by them. The black complex of the white American is not grounded in a historical experience; rather, it is loaded with dark material—fear of instinctuality, death, and evil—of a fundamentally irrational and mythic, religious (or if you will, demonic) nature. This casts the black into the position of somebody “wholly other” than the white. 🌗⚪️⚫️

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