Quarantine Quest

Surrender to the psychological and symbolic process of a quarantine and give birth to a NEW YOU! The struggle/darkness is real for everyone in their own unique individual ways, and so is the rebirth and light. Be vulnerable and accept all truths of the matrix of life, don’t feed your ego with one sidedness so [...]

Inner Life

This message came to me while I was enjoying our fire pit. Something I wouldn’t have done as much pre pandemic. Let go of the external distractions and go inward....connect to your inner life and you will see how many precious treasures you have within you! This is the time to take a peek....it’s going [...]

The Children

There’s been a lot of talk about children and saving them, so here I go with a message about children. Like everything else Jungian, this is going to be about looking at yourself with regard to children’s well-being. The world just won’t change so long as projection and division is occurring on a mass level, [...]

A grief, a form of love

A window to my grief for my cousin and how grief is the continuation of love for someone you lose in physical form! It’s the anguish of love for someone that has no place to go! It can’t be directed towards the person or animal you were attached to in physical form. And the pain [...]

The Tension of Opposites

What sceneries or symbols challenge you and enchant you? To me, bricks symbolize hard work and stability while stairs symbolize elevation and transcendence. How can we hold both of these opposites? Growth without stability might look like flying and then crashing and burning, while stability without growth can look like stagnation. Holding the tension of [...]

Is Love an Art?

Erich Fromm’s bold understanding and direction for humanity regarding love is a precious treasure and easily accessible for anyone. Love is something we all struggle with it, and “without love, humanity could not exist for a day!”. Yet love is something that very few learn the theory and practice of. If you’re going to take [...]

Carl Jung on racism…Black Lives Matter

Racism exists thanks to projection. And Carl Jung explained it perfectly, and that is why something written a hundred years ago applies so well today. Because the solution to the problem of racism is to integrate back our projections. When Carl Jung visited America, he stated that out of all the nations, we are the [...]

Wholeness, Anima and Animus

Did you know that your wholeness involves a conscious relationship with your masculine or feminine energies? If you didn’t, you can thank Westernization. Our Western psyche is not whole, and we have a lot of gains from it, but we also have a lot of losses. And the point of wholeness is to be conscious [...]

Darkness Is An Opening To The Soul

Every “bad” or dark mood we have is an opening to the unconscious, to the true self, to psychological birth. We may have learned growing up that some emotions are good and some are bad. Another reason why we split into the dichotomy of good and bad. Language is everything and I would encourage modifying [...]

True Self Development

Dr Inga Simonian discussing the necessary elements of birthing the true authentic self while letting go of false selves, which is essentially acting and requires a lot of vital energy, as an important process during the pandemic, for our health, and wholeness! ✨ #depthpsychology #trueself #falseself #lettinggo #integration #psychologicalbirthing #symbolicintelligence #selfdevelopment #curiosity #openness #selfcompassion #love [...]

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