Every “bad” or dark mood we have is an opening to the unconscious, to the true self, to psychological birth. We may have learned growing up that some emotions are good and some are bad. Another reason why we split into the dichotomy of good and bad. Language is everything and I would encourage modifying the language from bad to dark. And dark is as important to our livelihood and wholeness as night! And just like night time has its functions and purposes and necessary for day to come, so is dark necessary for light to arrive. We do have to not only tolerate the dark, but engage with it and dance it in. We have to be with the pain of dark so that we can be rewarded with its beauty and treasures. And just like night time, if we miss out and not engage the natural way (which is sleep and dream) we won’t be able to engage with daytime (be awake and live), so too if we don’t engage with our dark, we wont be granted the true light and will relive the dark over and over without purpose, relief or meaningful journey and outcome. In our analogy with night and day this occurs when people have insomnia and are unable to feel alive and well during the day and are half awake at night and have asleep at day. Psychologically this is someone who copes with darkness with numbing and with activities that in addition to numbing have harmful effects on the body, mind and soul. A dark mood is an opening to the deepest treasures of the soul. To go there means to be curious, interested and compassionate. You can also go there with coping skills because it can be very scary, confusing and painful. Like physical birth is painful and laboring, so too is psychological birth. Make sure the coping skills that you use are not harmful, that you don’t have to monitor yourself. The best coping skills are the ones you can lose yourself in, and actually that aids in the opening of the soul, and sometimes the coping skill you discover that gives you a sense of timelessness IS the psychological birth. It can’t be something like alcohol or sugar or shows, because you have to monitor yourself. Are you ready to lose yourself to find yourself? 🌒✨