The world and the psychoanalytic community lost a true Gem on May 23, 2013. A 103 year old gem to be exact. Hedda Bolgar was a renown psychoanalyst and educator who had a tremendous passion for life and for her profession. Hedda received her PhD in psychology from the university of Vienna in 1934, at a time when psychology classes were taught in the Urology department because of a belief that urology was most closely related to sexuality. Hedda was one of the last people still living who attended a live Sigmund Freud lecture. Hedda was instrumental in forming three institutions that are still thriving today. Two of them, the California School of Professional Psychology, and the Wright Institute, I am proud and honored to have trained by. The other one, Los Angeles Institute of Psychoanalytic Studies, I plan on continuing my analytic training at by October of this year and look forward to receiving more of Hedda’s gifts. Hedda was a brilliant psychoanalyst, a feminist, a social justice advocate, and a warm and loving person dear to many. She loved living her life to the fullest, as well as helping people thrive and go beyond even their expectations. Every year while I was at the Wright Institute our class was invited to her birthday celebrations, in her beautiful home where she practiced and maintained a unbelievably life giving and breathe taking garden. She would joke when people asked her if she was expecting to see them on her following birthday, by stating, “why, are you sick?” She had a second to none wit and sense of humor, as well as compassion for the human soul and condition. Hedda adored fashion and would show up with many fabulous outfits, have an spectacular social life, surround herself with loving people, great food, music, and her cats, who helped her cope with the loss of her husband. Hedda left Vienna with a small brief case the morning of the day that Hitler marched in. Decades later someone asked her what was in that briefcase. She responded by saying “two suits, and a ball gown!”. This truly speaks to how amazingly passionate about life she was, even at a dark time such as that. I attended her public commemoration that was held at the Skirball Cultural Center, one of her favorite places. Many people who she touched spoke beautifully about the ways that she inspired them, including patients of hers. At 103, she was seeing patients, giving lectures, planning her future, and seeing a personal trainer, who also was touched by Hedda and spoke at her memorial. Hedda saw beauty in everyone and everything, including the aging process, which has a lot of gains that she enjoys while others focus on the losses. One of the many wonderful stories told by those that she touched, was of a trainee coming in her office and witnessing her taking a mouse with a glass and releasing it into her garden. The trainee had seen her whisper something to the mouse as she was letting it go. When Hedda came back, the trainee asked if she was talking to the mouse. Hedda responded by saying that she can’t look at a snake or a mouse without seeing a crown over their head. Years later that trainee was seeing a client who was violent and aggressive, at which point a fly came into the room. The client caught the fly, and released the fly outside. When asked by the trainee what had just happened, the client said he didn’t think she would want him to kill it. This was an example of how Hedda’s incredible love not only touched people, but somehow changed people and through many channels. I was honored to know Hedda, to have a bit of her in me, and to have the golden opportunity to witness so many mourn for her and tell great stories and quotes of hers. She really was a rare diamond and will be cherished by me endlessly.