This is a painting that I submitted to the Mirrors of the Mind Psychotherapy as Artist Exhibit this year, which will be displayed November 1st – 9th, at La Share Art, “Sanctuary for the Arts” 801 E. 4th Place Los Angeles, CA 90013. Below is my artist statement and description. I hope you find something worthwhile in the piece and your comments are much appreciated. Stay tuned for a post on last year’s art piece and statement. It was an incredible evening at the reception and many talented therapist and artists showcased their work. A book is going to be released too about it, and I will post information about it as soon as it is released. Art has always been a passion of mine as long as I can remember, and as a child, I used it as a journal diary, sketching everything from dreams to nightmares to fantasies. What is art to you? How does art speak to you and what kind of art is it?

“Illumination” is meaningful psychologically to me because it signifies the light, beauty, peace, comfort and healing that came be born from darkness, or trauma or anything that doesn’t appear to be good on the surface. In this painting, the woman is surrounded by obscurity, a scene that can be described as gloomy, lonely, empty, lacking a typical representation of growth, such as trees, water or butterflies. The murkiness that surrounds the woman, even the blackness that is present in her flesh, does not obstruct the light that comes through from some source, whether perceived as through the window from outside, or deep within from her an ineffable numinous being. The latter, which Donald Kalsched describes as a transpersonal phenomenon that helps sustain us during an absence of a personal one. This woman may be alone, may have a painful history or present, but look at her poise in sitting down, having a cup of tea, and look at those shoes and dress! But most importantly, look at the light permeating her shadow!