“When it comes to realizing that the psyche itself extends far beyond our ego and its conscious knowledge, we are confronted with the realization that we live, in part, in an unknown, invisible country” -Barbara Hannah

The disconnection from our inner reality and outer reality results in so many conflicts, disorders and suffering. Speak to a therapist that will speak to your soul. Your soul and inner reality needs validation and connection. Not only will your suffering lessen, your true self will flourish! It’s just that it’s scary to go there, it’s frightening to go to our unknown, to our darkness. But it is calling…. there is birth to the self through that path. And you don’t have to go there alone! This is not about happiness alone….wholeness includes all feelings, all states, all truth! Self expansion, growth and love! Get curious about your inner fields to get outer results! Thank you @gabriel_isak for this inspiring image!

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