“Life takes us to unexpected places, love brings us home” ~Malissa McClone.

Love does amazing things, but what kind of love are we talking about? #selflove is a buzz word that we are seeing everywhere but what does that mean? We definitely have a love instinct towards others, yet our ability to practice that towards ourselves is sometimes very hard. For this, I would define it as#selfkindness an#selfcompassion. But we also have a not so conscious #divinelove instinct, which is about our infinite connection to a numinous power, our soul, our maker, God. And it’s a mutual kind of love and relationship, loving and receiving that powerful out of this world love.

Now this type of conscious divine love requires knowing our selves through and through, our darkest most shameful aspects, that we do not want to know, and our brightest most super aspects, that we also may not want to know or realize. For when we are not in touch with our pain and calling, we are also not in touch with our divine connections. And thus, we go about the world expecting and projecting that kind of powerful love onto others, seeking wholeness unconsciously.

We say we are not believers, yet we unconsciously put our relationships to divine standards, and often get disappointed. Reflect on what it feels like when you fall in love? It feels like you are complete with that person, and can’t be without them. Because you are seeing unknown parts of yourself in them, parts of your soul, and are experiencing the illusion of wholeness. Spiritual deficiency is one of the causes of addictions as well, that is why hard liquor is called spirits!

I support the trend for #selflove and extend it to#selfknowledge #selfdevelopment #divinelove#divineconnections and #wholeness which would result in quieter calmer and truly more loving human relationships. Find your inner #kingdom #cathedral#mosque #temple #nature #art #movement for a deeper form of #selflove
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