Wholeness includes eating whole foods which include carbs. In an age where diet culture has vilified carbohydrates, leaving us victim to fragmented eating, and deprived of ancient herbs and spices, is in our hands to liberate from diet culture and take back consciousness in eating. What does that mean exactly?

1. Empowering and educating yourself about nutrition using research and intuition based books. When you know the science and art of eating, you won’t be victim to the diet industry that counts on your insecurity about diet. Your eating should be an integration of logic and intuition. One without the other leaves you in part functioning and not whole. Currently I am reading and recommending “How Not To Die” by @michaelgregermd founder of nutritionalfacts.org

2. Eat what’s good for your whole self daily, and eat less frequently only for pleasure, as dessert. Dessert can be different things for different folks. Every meal you eat should have it all, from proteins to carbs and greens. Question even that Western idea. Greens have protein, and some protein only items cause disease. Avoid diets that have taken out an entire food group in the name of fame and money.

3. Make eating a sacred ritual that includes planning, preparing, cooking or soaking etc, clean up and storage, and mindful digestion. Prayer before eating has immense benefits, besides connecting you to a higher self, it slows you down, increases consciousness, improves healthy choices and digestion. You can also create your own unique badass ritual. Humans are wired for ritual and if we are not consciousness about that, we will have bad rituals or habits.

As a reward for reading through all of that, here are some facts about carbs and mental health: Carbohydrate ingestion has shown to improve depression, tension, anger, confusion, sadness, fatigue, alertness, and calmness in an experiential study.

How will you ritualize and celebrate a wholesome diet? And a wholesome LIFE which includes food, hydration, sleep and movement. And all of those elements can be magical.

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