Surrender to the psychological and symbolic process of a quarantine and give birth to a NEW YOU! The struggle/darkness is real for everyone in their own unique individual ways, and so is the rebirth and light. Be vulnerable and accept all truths of the matrix of life, don’t feed your ego with one sidedness so that you can tap into the creative powers of the universe and RISE to your authentic self and inner genius. Times are extremely complex personally and collectively. Seek inside of your soul and you will find healthy coping skills. What are healthy coping skills? Something you can access that you DO NOT need to monitor the dose or duration. An energy or activity you can trust so that you can lose yourself in. This means it can’t be a show or a smoke/drink or even a person. If you don’t know what that is, it’s your obligation to your self and the world to find it. You are here for that reason, you were created to become whole in you and develop your gifts to humanity, the animal world and/or the planet. And the path to those treasures inside you is through the darkness and pain. You won’t know what that is until you go into your soul head on without superficial and harmful coping. Remove your earthly boots and put your symbolic cloaks! Go now! barefoot! Just GO!