What is your Coronavirus spice combo? Spices are ancient indigenous medicine, and despite what you may have heard, many have been scientifically studied and it’s efficacy proven. Turmeric, saffron, and nigella sativa it black cumin seeds is a regular combo I use in my meals almost daily recently, and as I put it together her creatively it started resembling the virus. No meaning to make out of this besides observation of synchronicity.

Turmeric is a superhero spice when it comes to health benefits and contains a powerful compound called curcumin which is a potent source of antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties. It is also known for treatment of hay fever, depression, high cholesterol (good for all the extra eating we are doing. Curmuric is better absorbed when consumed with black pepper or in supplement format.

Saffron is a lesser known but impressive spice for improving mood and fighting depression, contains cancer fighting properties, reduces pms symptoms, can boost sexual drive, reduce appetite and aid in weight loss.

Nigella Sativa, AKA black cumin, is a less known powerhouse for anti antibacterial, antiviral, anti cancer, antioxidant, antidiabetic, immunomodulatory, cardiovascular, pulmunary protective and anti asthmatic activitity and more. In fact it’s been shown significant and promising effects on inhibiting SARS and the new Covid-19 already. Caution it also is shown to have anti fertility/contraceptive activity.

It’s important to consume an overall healthy and colorful diet with herbs and spices, and to use this as an integrated approach to health. Your body, mind and spirit are suffering the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you have the virus or not, collectively you have it because you are a human with a psyche connected to every human, consciously and through the unconscious realm. Pay attention to your whole self in a conscious way, your story, the pain and the glory. Pay attention to what you consume, physically, mentally and spiritually. Pay attention to the mythical story as well as the microbiology and sociology of what’s going on. And lastly, BREATHE! #depthpsychology #spicemedicine #spicemedicine #turmeric #saffron #nigellasativa