We don’t know a whole lot, and there’s a lot of wisdom in that acknowledgement. But we do know that right now things are pretty uncertain and dark. Being in the dark and unknown is an important part of being human, and through that process, knowledge, truth and or creativity will come. But we have to birth that process which means tolerating being and darkness. And hoping for healing, wisdom, and unity! Going through a major shift as a culture and even globally means we are going to have to be this way for quite some time, and we have no choice but to rely on inner love, healing, and power. The outer world, the world which we rely on so much and too much, is on a huge pause. We have no choice but to be. It is dangerous to do, so we have to be. It is my hope that we move to being verses doing, and integrate a healthy balance, so that we don’t only go in this space when we have to. For this dark space of uncertainty, stillness, fear, boredom, nothingness, is where newness comes from. It is where art, literature, language, math, consciousness and so many forms of art and science were birthed. Let us celebrate all that humanity has birthed, and let us surrender to this process yet again, this time as a whole. Let us turn to prayer, meditation, stillness, the conflicts and chaos within us, so that we are not projecting them outward, and are being in this dance of matter and energy on our own. The polarizations of them opposites of the world have gotten so extreme, we are now forced to interject it all. Let us sit in this for as long as we need so that we are able to integrate our inner and outer worlds and be whole with ourselves, our loved ones, our enemies, and nature in all its beauty and darkness. I don’t see the light yet, but I know it’s coming because the darkness is as important as the light and there is something for us not only to learn but to birth. 🖤💡 #depthpsychology #wisdom #darkness #light #birthing #shifting #caronavirus #quarantine #death #life #healing #evolutionofconsciousness #creativity #love #hope #ingasimonianphd #artbyDee