Are you finding the beauty and healing of nature during this time? Are you connecting to the divine? I promise you, it moves, heals and connects us to our primary home, Mother Earth. Being present in nature brings us closer to creation and sparks creativity, intuition, soul and spirit in us! Is also reminds us of what’s fundamental in life! If we spend enough time with nature, we won’t need disease war and disaster to remind us of what life is all about. It comes down to health, love and safety. And that is what being connected to nature gives us. Without nature and without disease, we go about projecting all over the place, to people, places, objects that are not healthy for us. When we have a sacred relationship to something bigger than us, our human relationships don’t carry the burden of our projections and are actually healthier and more grounded. We are part divine and part human. Let’s chose nature to bring us to our knees! Let’s chose nature to give us wholeness! Let’s chose nature to make us one! 💚🌳
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