What sceneries or symbols challenge you and enchant you? To me, bricks symbolize hard work and stability while stairs symbolize elevation and transcendence. How can we hold both of these opposites? Growth without stability might look like flying and then crashing and burning, while stability without growth can look like stagnation. Holding the tension of opposites produces life and energy, so in this case we see how crucial it is for healthy life to see and embody both “bricks and stairs”. When we face crisis and adversity, we must made rapid inner collective change and meet one another where we unite rather than where we divide. Our current situation is due to a loss of imagination. We must look what we experience in physical form as Dream, and dream material as reality. Because we have both physical reality and symbolic reality. And the path to wholeness is integrating outer life with inner life! The secret third space that gives life and continues creation is when we hold the tension of the opposites. Are you holding that space between opposites? Or are you falling to one side and thus feeling depleted for the sake of righteousness? What transcends you while grounding you? 🛕🦋#depthpsychology #wholeness #integration #transcendantfunction #wisdom #love #innerwork #divinelove #symbolicreality #symbolicintelligence #fantasy #imaginalworld #tensionofthropposites #evolutionofconsciousness #carljung #michaelmeade #ingasimonian @michaelmeade_mosaicvoices