Images speak louder than words! I’m so thankful to #gabriel_isak for this astounding representation of facing one’s shadow! Whether due to individual trauma or cultural societal messages, people ignore the soul and jump to unconscious perfection, splitting off parts of themselves, valuable golden parts of the self, and create shadows that can haunt and hurt themselves and others.

This is why people project, hate and focus their energy on other people’s sins. This is why racism exists and why white people see so much wrong in darker people or different persons. This is why people are not whole. Humans will do the oddest things to avoid seeing their own soul. It is much easier to see something on the outside than on the inside. To blindly and prematurely away from one sided sin is to walk towards another sin unconsciously, which is more dangerous.

Our shadows can be positive too. When we are unable to see the amazing gifts that we have, because it will alter our distorted sense of self that feels so safe to us. So we project that onto stars, celebrities, heroes, lovers, children, substances, activities, and we worship things/beings that are not Divine.

The self is always seeking wholeness…and with pretty strong energy and force. When we feel powerful energy, any kind of energy, about someone, maybe it’s time to face ourselves! To complete our selves, to transition to conscious imperfection. And be humble and patient to reach conscious perfection, which is full integration of the self and peace/love with others.

When it comes to self discovery, healing and wholeness, there are no short cuts. Every light casts a shadow, and every soul needs both to be one, true, and fulfilled. When we align our energies to our wholeness, and to our God, our relationships are healed and healthy. We no longer project our self and spiritual instincts onto others. What a burden we relieve of our loved ones.

Who’s ready to start their inner journey? Who’s ready to face their darkness and discover their gold? Who’s ready to start their quest to meet their unlived other and beyond? 🦋✨💙

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