Did you know that your wholeness involves a conscious relationship with your masculine or feminine energies? If you didn’t, you can thank Westernization. Our Western psyche is not whole, and we have a lot of gains from it, but we also have a lot of losses. And the point of wholeness is to be conscious of what we’re missing and make an effort to ingrate it. A whole person involves a body, a soul and spirit. The soul is the feminine energy and the spirit is the masculine. Carl Jung described and named these parts as Anima, and Animus, respectively. Being identified and connected to Anima involves accessing intuition, feelings, expressiveness, and anything you can think of that you associate to woman. Identifying with Animus is about will, independence, power, and any stereotypes of men. Now wholeness is the integration of both of those energies that are inherent in all of us, every individual. The parts of us we are not in touch with become our shadows. And we mostly identify with the energies that align with our external gender, and what our upbringing and society encourages, at the expense of true wholeness. Because we are unconscious of our shadows, our parts that are not developed, we seek them in others. And we seek nothing more vigilantly and passionately than our other half. This interferes with our health and wholeness and disrupts our relationships, because people are seeking their other half in external beings and romantic partners. And nothing proves this concept more than the fading of this illusion and projection of wholeness when we get to know the real person. We do not accept the other person because it’s different than our inner unknowns, and we move on seeking that other half, until we feel doom about relationships,settle and live an unhappy life. This is all because in western culture we have combined romance and marriage, and the roots of romance is spiritual…more on that next week. This is something that is not in the Western consciousness yet but it can be. You can make the choice to seek and connect to your inner masculine or feminine and be whole on your own. And that is the best thing for your actual human partnerships! ☯️💚

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