Why choose to commit to therapy? Are you noticing an unhealthy relationship with yourself or others?  Are you struggling in more than one area in your life and are running out of resources? Are you interested in getting to know you better, including the patterns that you are trying hard to change but find that you are not able to on your own will? Are you feeling lost, confused, stuck, conflicted, or that your mind is your worst enemy? Have you tried other superficial methods and found no lasting results? Therapy can be a helpful treatment for those times in our lives where we are needing a hand in dealing with life and its challenges, but also as a preventative measure to maintain optimum mental health. Often times when emotional health is treated properly, we see that there is a synergistic effect on our physical and spiritual health as well.  Therapy is a gift…for you, to you and by you!  Together we can take the path to help you gain insight, discover the will and way to change, and implement the newly formed knowledge, tools and skills. You deserve to feel happy, healthy and to live a balanced joyous life.